Turkish Granulator Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish granulator, Turkey granulator manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality granulator from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

PLM MAKINA KIMYA PLASTIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s extruder, granule lines, control automation systems, masterbatch, gaskets, conveyors, cooling units, vacuum systems, granulator, recycling systems
ERPERMAK MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     yigit ertek    
s plastic film, plastic film machine, extruder, plastic film extruder, hdpe plastic film machine, hdpe plastic film extruder, ldpe plastic film machine, ldpe plastic dilm extruder, recycling machine, granule machine, granulator, nonstop, nonstop film machine, nonstop film extruder, air shaft
s granulators, pet washing systems, plastic granulator machines, thermoform machines, shredders, extruders, micronizers, pulverizers, recycling lines, plastic granulators, plastic shredders, plastic extruders, plastic micronizers, plastic pulverizers, plastic recycling lines, plastic machines, plastic processing machines, plastic recycling machines, granulator, thermoform machine, shredder, extruder, micronizer, pulverizer, recycling line, plastic granulator, plastic shredder, plastic extruder, plastic micronizer, plastic pulverizer, plastic recy, plastic machine, plastic recycling machine, plastic processing machine, recycling lines, shredder, plastic shredder, plastic recycling line, pulverizers
USTUN IS MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s granule extruder lines, granule cutting machines, agglomeration machines, screw, barrel, plastic melt filters, horizontal squeezing machine, pp-pe film squeezing machine, agglomeration machine, granulator, pelletizer, plactic extruder, plastic washing units, pe film washing line, pp film washing line, centrifuges, vertical centrifuge, platform conveyor, standart conveyor spiral, conveyor spiral with basin, conveyor fan, granule storage silo, storage silo above agglomeration machine, horizontal c
POLIMER TEKNIK MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Reha Yelken    
s plastic machine, plastic machines, plastic machinery, plastic machineries, extruder, extruders, plastic extruder, plastic machinery parts, extruder machines, extruder machine, single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, pipe extruder, plastic profile extruder, plastic machinery molds, plastic extruders, plastics extruder, plastic pipe extruder, rubber extruder, pvc extruder, co-rotate, compound, granul, granulator, masterbatch, pelletizer, twin screw, twin screw co-rotate extruder, twin screw co-rotate extruders, twin screw extruders
QE GRANULATORS LTD.        Çin     nbzll QE    
s shredder, granulator, crusher, granulators, single shredder, double shaft shredder, conveyer belt, extruder machine, recycling machine, strong crusher, film shrdder, lump shredder, pipe and bottle shredder, led screen shredder, paddle shredder
CHANGZHOU WANJI DRYING        Çin     Macy Gao Gao    
s dryer, spray dryer, belt dryer, vacuum dryer, fluid-bed dryer, granulator, dry type granulator, mixer, grinder
PORIUM DEKOR ZUCCACIYE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İlkay YILMAZ    
s bar equipments, cafeteria equipments, chinaware, cooking units, cooling equipments, food preparatory units, glassware, hotel equipments, industrial kitchen equipments, kitchen equipments, oven, promotion cups, promotion plates, promotional products, restaurant equipments, saladbar, service equipments, service trolleys, stewarding equipments, tableware, convectional ovens, mixers, cups, pepper shakers, pizza ovens, potato peeling machine, spiral dough kneading machines, cookers, dough rolling machines, granulator, ashtrays, mugs, appetizer bowls, guillotine type dishwasher, glass washing machines, toast machines, grinder, cutleries, kitchen items, kebab wheeling oven, napkin holders, dough kneading machine, onion cutting machine, open buffet equipments, mesh trays, pide ovens, electrical grills, gas grills, boiling machines, steel sugar bowls, cup stands, waiter pocketknives, coctail colander, pipette holders, boston shaker, ice pick, ice crasher, jiggers, conveyor dishwasher, spray units, under counter dishwashers, double speed mixers, meat grinder, bread slicing machines, dough spreaders, bin blender, vegetable cutting machine, electrical wheeling oven, gas kebab wheeling oven, granita machines, orange squashing machine, hot chocolate machines, sahlep machines, sausage boilers, electrical toast machines, fish displays, flambe trolleys, cooling saladbars, hot bain marie, bain marie basins, steel strainers, colanders, steel saucepans, steel pans, large couldrons, wire whips, dinner buckets, dinner pails, lunch boxes, service ladles, service colanders, cylindrical saucepans, chafing dish, sauce bowls, oil-lamps, breadbaskets, bread baskest, saltshakers, salt cellar, bar sets
s feed mill plant construction, feed mill machinery, hammer mill, mixer, extruder, elevator, conveyor, pellet mill, granulator, mollases, cyclone, flake unite
s extrusion screw barrel, plastic injection materials, plastic machinery, plastic machinery parts, plastic machinery spare parts, plastic recycling equipments, plastic recycling machinery, plastic recycling machinery line, screw barrel, plastic crsuhing machine, plastic washing line, plastic drying machine, pelletizing, granulator, plastic extruder machine, shredder, plastic granulator, plstic crushing machine, plastic granulating machine, plastic washing line, plastic dewatering machine, plastic pelletizing machine
ARDA DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Zuhal OBA    
s recycling machines, body sleeve machines, thermoform machines, recycling cleaners, recycling defoamers, cleaners, defoamers, jacob pipes, pipes, mixers, granule mixers, shredders, granulators, micronizers, pulverizers, extruders, recycling lines, pet cleaners, pe cleaners, pp cleaners, pvc cleaners, polycarbon cleaners, body sleeve tunnels, electric tunnels, drying tunnels, recycling machine, body sleeve machine, thermoform machine, recycling cleaner, recycling defoamer, cleaner, defoamer, jacob, pipe, extruder, granulator, mixer, pulverizer, recycling lines, shredder, pulverizers, jacob pipe, granule mixer, micronizer, recycling line, pet cleaner, pe cleaner, pp cleaner, pvc cleaner, polycarbon cleaner, body sleeve tunnel, electric tunnel, drying tunnel
EXTEKNIK MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yaşar TAYAR    
s high precision screw, kneading elements, shafts, side feeders, stuffers, screw, rotor blades, fixed blades, hive, screw elements, pet recycling extruders, extruder machines, extruder spare parts, bushings, filters, granulators, feeders, die plates, ring extruders, ledger blades, extruder components, die heads, clamps, quick-release clamps, screen pack changers, melt pumps, high precision screws, kneading element, shaft, side feeder, stuffer, screws, rotor blade, fixed blade, hives, feeder, extruder machine, clamp, melt pump, bushing, granulator, die heads, filter, extruder spare part, die plate, screw element, pet recycling extruder, ring extruder, ledger blade, extruder component, die head, quick-release clamp, screen pack changer