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With our experience of more than a quarter of century in plastic recycling machinery manufacturing in Turkey, we offer economic, reliable, practicle and adaptable engineering solutions to both standart and most challenging demands of the recycling sector. Our machinery and equipment are designed for long, reliable, problem free and economic life for all kinds of production integrated recycling and reclaiming of polymers. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction from project development and designing to delivery, set up and after sales services. Customer oriented designing, on-time delivery, fast set up to start up time, services and spares supply are our first steps in achieving this goal
Oz Bafralilar Production of a wide range of Continous Flight (Pull Screw ,Leaf Screw ), Screw Conveyor ,U Trough Conveyor manufacturing, recycling Screw , butterfly flaps, rotary valves, feed Screw , concrete plant equipment, Screw conveyor For Agricultural Machinary Screw conveyors for crushing and screening plants, various auger equipment (suspension bearings, bushings) , joints and reducers, etc.) in our company, our products are manufactured in CNC machines, precision tolerance values. Our manufacturing; Screw Conveyors stainless (AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 309-310, etc.), HARDOX, ST37 and ST52 quality materials are used. Our company stands behind its work and produces more modern solutions that keep pace with technology in every new project. Our experienced assembly and service personnel provide service to our customers when necessary. Working with the aim of producing and delivering high quality , it has been trying to expand its fields of activity. Within this scope, we want to supply all kinds of materials and work together on the projects realized by your company. You can get information from our website for our company history, wide product portfolio and references. We expect your feedback regarding the product groups you are interested in, we will be glad to be in your purchasing network of your company, we wish you good work
Our company produces shredder, grinder, crusher, cutter, burner, sorting and separating machines and facilities. We pride ourselves on providing services to all sectors related to environmental awareness by reducing the volume of our waste with our produced technologies, eliminating, reusing, sterilizing or converting to energy and offering innovative solutions to you. Our company also uses the latest technological possibilities together with quality, confidence and cleanliness. In today's competitive market environment, we are aware to give you quality assurance.
Our company has been serving in Adana Plastic Industry in 1978 by Hasan Basak and since then it has successfully completed numerous projects with its expert staff on the subject of Best Service and Quality. As a company which gives importance to product specification and quality values ​​and has determined customer satisfaction oriented sales policy, we are a company with highly technological-modern machinery and equipment and infrastructure. We attach great importance to R & D and quality studies. We aim to renew itself and its product range on a sectoral basis and to design and produce products in a way that will provide the most practical and easy solutions for the final consumer.
MTM Plastic Recycling is operating in plastic industry for almost 20 years. The company started its operations in 2005 with its new name and produces approximately 1000 tonnes through granule production. It in creased its production. It in creased its production and quality through new machinery and equipment investments alongside with its 9000m2 indoor facility in Gaziantep 5nd Organized Industrial Zone. State of art and European technologies are used in production. The Courses are consistently renewed. Material is received seperately and first class recycled granule raw material is produced. Certain amount of the products is exported and the rest is sold in Turkey. Plastic kitchenware manufacturers, plastic rope, canvas, bag, pipe and pot manufacturers and automotive sub industry are included in the customer portfolio.
Hursan Geri Donusum ve Cevre Teknolojileri San. Tic. A.S. being one of the largest private sector companies in Turkey has been providing services for 45 years. With its 2 packaging waste recovery facilities on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, it has been a sought-after company of public institutions and organizations and the private sector for years. Hursan A.S. exports the packaging wastes it collects to overseas markets and meets the raw material needs of the recycling plants in our country.